Is Alignable the next social media platform worthy of your time?

*This blog was not created in collaboration or partnership with Alignable. This blog was simply written by CEO Stephanie O’Brien to educate the masses on Alignable – The Small Business Network. All issues with the Alignable platform should be directed to the Alignable team.


align (verb)

  1. The definition of align is to get a person, place, or thing put into a straight line. When a person goes to the chiropractor to have their spine straightened.

  2. Align is to be put into the exact correct place, often in relation to something else. When a newspaper is doing a layout, and they have the pictures precisely placed next to the text.

  3. Align means to commit oneself to being either for or against an issue and/or group. When a person donates money and votes strictly for a certain political party.

Last month you probably received a personalized invitation from me to connect on Alignable. I bet you were wondering, “What the heck is Alignable” and then I’m wagering a guess that your next thought was, “I don’t have time for another social media account!”

I totally get it, but hear me out.

Alignable is a new social media network created with small local businesses in mind; it encourages communication and collaboration.

While Alignable has been around since 2014, I have been ignoring it; that was until I received a personalized invite from Chistophe Choo. Christophe never invites me to anything, so I decided to give it another look and accept his request. It took me about two weeks to complete my profile, import my email client contact list and import my 1400 LinkedIN contacts. Then, my inbox exploded. Of course, this kind of thing never happens in a time frame when you have a spare moment to manage an influx of incoming emails. For me, it happened during the 2017 Banff Marathon and a charity golf tournament we were in the middle of promoting on-site.


The volume of responses from local businesses, comments and questions that I received, as well as several emails asking if my email been hacked was shocking.  Even my sister texted me directly to ask if what I had sent out was legit.

Since then, I have been digging into Alignable and I have been connected with some really great new business recommendations that will be helpful for our website. It also looks like I will get some business out of this platform. All this within the first week.

While their focus is on businesses collborations, I have come to discover that Alignable creates useful consumer-facing directories and events calendars for its communities, too.

Get Creative

This summer, our team here at CARMELLA, is taking to the streets to ask business owners what they want to know about social media. Our aim is to help create and facilitate small-group coaching program that will begin in the fall. The Alignable platform seems like the perfect place to do this! We have rolled this out on Alignable and across our social media platforms, here, here, and here. So, please take some time to answer on behalf of your business and, we will be sure to share all the results with you very soon.

A few tips if you’re new to Alignable:

  1. Use the search bar to look for local businesses to collaborate with.
  2. In the same search look for events.
  3. Ask people how they found you? Get the conversation started.


Let’s get aligned. Happy Connecting!


– S.
President of The CarmellaCrew




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14 Responses

  1. What do you mean “import” your 1400 LinkedIn contacts? Do you mean send out spam to the inboxes of your LinkedIn contacts?

  2. How would you describe the differences between Alignable and LinkedIn? Is Alignable simply more focussed toward smaller business needs?

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  4. Our Charity Wild Ocean Whale Society received a number of emails from the same marketing company to all our email accounts. This is NOT a method to promote collaboration or decent connections with other businesses etc. Even one of our phone numbers was spammed using a spoofed number. There is NO way I’m uploading all our contacts for them to receive spam. This is a shameful way to promote.

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  6. These bastards started sending me emails and soliciting business, from a document that had NOT been published, had NOT been sent to anyone and was still in draft form on my computer.
    I have contacted the FCC and the Attorney General of this state, to find out HOW they were able to access this document. If found that they have hacked my system, (or gotten this unpublished document through other means) I will retain counsel and seek not only restitution, but then create a publicity campaign to expose their findings.
    I would not suggest doing business with this company, until it is determined who they are, and how they conduct business. Caveat emptor!

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  8. I believe Alignable needs to tone down their aggressiveness…..ive gotten to emails from contacts this week that I didn’t authorize to invite to their network…Im having second thoughts myself…..

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