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Each month Carmella Consulting (aka CarmellaCrew) hosts a social media coaching clinic. This is our 9th event since September. Amazing!

April’s class is going to be loads of fun, with a panel of social media experts (Ski Big 3, Rocky Mountain Soap, Ski Uphill/Apple Store, Pony Friday and Active Edge Coaching) to provide tips and tricks to help you ROCK your social media!

What does the future of Social Media look like?

The power of social media is radically transforming the marketing function for businesses and the role of the marketing professional.

Join our panel of experts for a conversation on social media trends for 2018.

Our panel will share their insights, experiences and predictions that will change the way you use social media for your brand or business, while sharing best practices for applying them.

Wednesday April 18, 2018

12:00 P.M. – 1:00 P.M. (MST)

Canmore Public Library 

*Lunch is included, please note any dietary restrictions.

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Panelist #1: Elise Russell

Panel of Experts

Elise Russell is a quick-witted creative director and writer known for her twisted sense of humour, attention to detail and sass. Her work has been recognized by many of the world’s top advertising award shows, including the most coveted three: Cannes, D&AD and The One Show.

Often called candid, blunt and ballsy, Elise is a woman of action who prefers a cut-to-the-chase approach. She has no patience for unnecessary meetings or people that talk in circles, so she told traditional agency life to take a hike and launched Pony Friday: a motivational lifestyle brand. Elise currently devotes her energy, enthusiasm and leadership to Pony Friday by collaborating with likeminded creatives to produce inspirational talks and fun merchandise designed for those who dare to behave boldly.

Panelist #2: Gavin Harmacy

Panel of Experts

Gavin Harmacy is the cofounder of SkiUphill, a backcountry ski and trail running store in Canmore, on Bow Valley Trail. In addition to owning/operating the store, Gavin is a Senior Manager at Apple Inc in Calgary, opening stores across Canada, the US and China, spending 5 months in Mainland China last year. Prior to 8 years at Apple, Gavin was a District Manager and interim Regional Director for Starbucks Coffee Company. Opening stores through their expansion phase and helping close stores during the recession. In choosing the companies that Gavin has worked for they have been due to deep personal alignment on values and mission statements that has let him be involved in creating and growing communities around these brands.

Outside of work Gavin is a Director at Large for the Bow Valley Chamber of Commerce and calls Canmore home because of the close proximity to trail running, ice and rock climbing and backcountry skiing.

Gavin has a unique perspective on social media and marketing from both the perspective of Fortune 500 Companies to owning and growing his own store with his partner Joel. Gavin believes that you should create lasting brands that have legacies and that is done by answering the “why” behind your business. All businesses “sell things” that is what you do, he believes that there should be a bigger purpose. If that’s trail running, you should do the sport, be excited about the products and help others get into the sport. This also affects how and to who you market to. If you start with the “why” everything else falls into place.

SkiUphill is known for creating community for the backcountry community through online social media and facebook channels and done so through a well executed marketing and community strategy map.

#3 Annie MacNeil

Panel of Experts

Annie MacNeil is a dog loving adventurer, who left the big city and made the move to Canmore a year ago to join Rocky Mountain Soap Company’s innovative marketing and web team. With a passion for the customer journey, Annie is a digital marketing specialist with experience dealing with a wide range of digital channels and tactics, including social media.

Before moving to the Bow Valley, she worked with recognizable brands, such as WestJet and Avenue Magazine, where she was responsible for organizing and managing various campaigns and events. Now working for Rocky Mountain Soap, a small but growing company, she is thriving on the new challenges and new experiences being thrown her way. With so much to still explore, her positive and adventurous spirit is excited for what lies ahead in the ever-changing world of digital marketing.

Panelist #4: Wendy Simpson 

  • Owner of Tapas, among the Top 100 Restaurants in Canada
  • Owner of her own Financial Controlling firm
  • Teacher of business at Bow Valley College

If you had to design the perfect resume for a business coach, Wendy Simpson’s would probably look like your finished product. With years of experience in owning one of Canada’s leading restaurants, running her own Financial Controlling firm, being a licensed mortgage broker, to teaching business courses at Bow Valley College – Wendy’s credentials as a coach started in exactly the right places.

Before any of this vast business ownership and management work she served as a High School teacher with a dual background in accounting. Teaching, coaching, and business are deeply rooted as her core passions.

With her husband and business partner Kevin Simpson – One of the Managing Partners of ActionEdge Business Coaching – they have forged incredible careers full of getting real world business results, not only for their businesses, but also for the business owners they have taught and coached.

We know Wendy’s layers of experience in teaching, business ownership and business mindset have set her up perfectly to be your Coach and guide you to the results you expect from your business, to get the life you want and deserve.

Wendy believes that a “business only grows when you have the right frame of mind and are able to step back and look at all of the pieces.”

When not coaching, Wendy can be found in her hometown of Canmore out with her two Irish Setters on the trails enjoying the mountain lifestyle she and Kevin cherish. Her passion for her dogs is only matched by her passion for good Pinot Noirs, which she hand selects from Wineries around the world for her restaurant Tapas.

& #5: Sarah Pearson, SkiBig3

Sarah Pearson is the Marketing and Media Manager at SkiBig3, with extensive media engagement experience in the local tourism market. A Bow Valley local since the 1990s, her positions spanning CMH to the Banff World Media Festival has immersed her in the nuances of marketing and social media as it has evolved exponentially. The common thread of customer advocacy and her love of pubic engagement, however, has remained un-wavered.
Whether hiking in Iceland, surfing in Nicaragua, or walking her dog Joey along Canmore’s downtown streets, she loves the connections and experiences made in the outdoors. This carries over into the passion for her own work, where she helps moments like these happen right here in the Canadian Rockies. She loves encouraging visitors from all over the world to create and share lasting memories here, and to step outside their own boundaries for their best travel experiences.



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