5 Simple and Effective Link Building Strategies in 2021

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Backlink building is accumulating backlinks from other websites that refer to your website.

Increasing online traffic is one of the most effective ways to build your brand and ultimately win new customers. An experienced businessman already knows how to attain traffic.

However, as the internet is oversaturated with content on all different topics, how do new businesses manage to stand out and draw attention to their sites?

One strategy that helps to increase your traffic is link building. Backlink building is accumulating backlinks from other websites that refer to your website. They not only increase your traffic directly through referrals, but they also influence your Google rankings.

Even a single backlink from a high-performing site can cause your traffic to explode. Due to this, link building is one of the most cost-effective SEO methods. However, the process is not easy.

Let’s look at 5 of the best link-building strategies in 2021.

Fix Broken Links

The strategy has two distinct methods; both are effective link-building techniques. Firstly, you can ensure pages that are linked are still online and responsive. You can also contact websites that deleted your links and request they re-insert the link. There is specific link-building software and even building link apps that can help identify these broken links.

The other facet of link-building involves finding backlinks to sites similar to yours that are no longer working, asking a website instead to link to your page. For example, say you own a restaurant known for amazing ink squid pasta, and you find a website that links to the best squid ink pasta places, but you notice some of the restaurants are no longer operational. You could email the website, let them know which restaurants are closed, and ask them to include a link to your site. Link building experts are particularly fond of this strategy.

Sponsor an Event

Did you know you can support your industry and social activities while also building links? This is all possible through sponsoring an event. In exchange for sponsorship, event hosts will link to your site from their main page and will often include links to your site in their social media posts.

Finding events to sponsor is easy; first, start by looking at the major event hosting sites such as Eventful, Meetup, and Events.org. All these sites have search functions, so you can quickly find events related to your business and industry.

Then simply reach out to the company holding the event, let them know you are interested in sponsoring and agree on the terms and conditions.

Not only does sponsoring events give businesses natural backlinks from high-performing sites, but it is a great way to forge relationships in your industry while also supporting companies that you have a connection with.

Write Guest Blogs

Blogging has long been a popular content marketing link-building tool to drive traffic to businesses’ sites. In recent years link building services have helped companies accumulate backlinks through guest blogging.

Guest blogging remains a proven and effective link-building technique that involves writing a blog article for another website and including a link to your site in the post or an author’s byline.

To ensure your guest post is effective and link building is working, you should:

  • Only post on a related website that is connected to your niche
  • Post helpful and engaging content that is not spammy
  • Blog on a high ranking and authoritative site
  • Weave your hyperlinks naturally into your post
  • Understand the site’s audience and the type of content they enjoy

Guest blogging is a simple and easy method to implement link-building techniques.

You can either find websites asking to write a blog post or use a link-building company to look after the whole process.


Consistently Post on Social Media

Any SEO link-building service will tell you the importance of posting on social media if you want to build a high volume of quality links.

With the sheer amount of people on social media, these platforms can help businesses with everything, including building your brand, interacting with customers, making sales, and building links. The opportunities to grow your business with social media are endless.

Every business should be posting consistently on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Social media allows businesses to target their audience and develop their overall brand visibility quickly.

If you aren’t posting consistently on social media, including links to your site and products in every post, you are missing out on a huge opportunity.

Join Forums

An underrated strategy to drive your website’s traffic and increase backlinks is joining forums. By joining forums, a business can interact with potential customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders in their industry.

This helps build a connection, establish authority and increase overall brand visibility. A business that is active on forums can regularly link to their site and content without coming across as spammy.

The secret is to give detailed, helpful answers and then naturally link to your products or site within your answer.

It is strongly recommended that all businesses join forums such as Reddit, Quora, and niche-related forums. Be warned, backlinks generated through forums are not comparable to links from top-ranking websites. However, they still can be a powerful source of traffic.

We recommend businesses use link-building software to analyze the best-performing keywords to target on sites like Reddit and Quora. Remember to focus on major forums, dedicate time to introduce your business, and give insightful answers.


Link building is crucial if you want to increase your online traffic and ultimately attract new customers. By building backlinks, you will drive referral traffic to your site and surge up Google’s rankings.

The most effective backlink-building strategies include link reclamation, guest blogging, and an active social media strategy. We want to hear your most successful backlink-building tips.

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