Google my Business Search Engine Optimization

Over the years, Google has proven to be the king of SEO for a variety of reasons. According to recent data, 84% of people use Google at least three times a day, with the search engine processing 3.5+ billion queries daily.

With an undisputed search engine market share of over 92%, Google is the platform you want to abide by when it comes to search standards. 

Google My Business is an extension of Google’s search engine designed for corporate entities, businesses, and retailers to stand out in local search queries. If you’re in any way incorporated and have physical offices, claiming your Google My Business name should be a priority.

If you’ve already done it, let’s talk about how Google My Business can help your business’ SEO even further in 2022.

What’s Google My Business All About?

Google My Business is a functionality built into Google which allows local businesses to distinguish themselves on the market. Imagine you own a small bakery in London – how would you let people who use Google know that you’re available for them to visit? Google My Business lets you inform potential customers of very important information about your business.

This information includes but is not limited to:

  • Brand name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Website
  • Working hours
  • Google Maps location
  • Google reviews

Using this data is extremely important in today’s oversaturated market full of various brand names, retail stores, and companies. Based on statistical reports, 76% of people use their mobile devices to find local businesses to visit the same day.

Businesses with Google My Business pages are also 70% more likely to engage search engine users using desktop devices to browse the web. 

Once you’ve claimed your business on Google My Business, you can start filling out the above data and updating it over time. You can use Quality Content Editors to help you write better descriptions and content for your Google My Business, as well as complimentary website content.

Let’s take a look at several great reasons why using Google My Business can be beneficial for your website’s SEO.

Perks of Using Google My Business to Improve your SEO

1. Google My Business is Free to Use

You’ll have to invest resources into marketing your brand online – not with Google My Business though. The service is completely free to use and available to all businesses around the world. This is a great opportunity for small businesses, startups, and solo entrepreneurs to gain some renown and visibility easily. You can use this platform as the baseline for your digital marketing efforts and not spend a dime in doing so. You can then expand your marketing efforts with paid ads on Google Ads whenever you’re comfortable with spending.


Google my Business Search Engine Optimization

2. Add Legitimacy and Trust to your Brand

Not all of your potential customers and clients will be tech-savvy enough to search for your business manually. They will often “Google” for the nearest relevant term and hope that they’ll find a business in that niche. Claiming your Google My Business page will add some much-needed legitimacy to your brand as it is an online business directory. Placing your business here will ensure that your company is not mistaken for another even if your two names or logos are very similar.

3. Improved Local Search Ranking and Visibility

As we’ve mentioned previously, people love searching for stores and businesses on the go. Google My Business is extremely mobile-friendly and accessible to smartphone users. That’s why your local search ranking will improve considerably after you’ve created a page for your business. Your company’s visibility to local search queries will spike upward and you’ll experience an influx of new leads to convert, both in retail and online. The platform is already there and built for your business’ needs – all you need to do is use its features.

4. Show up on Local Google Maps Queries

Google Maps is the most popular GPS and digital map tool available on smartphones and desktop devices. Given that it exists within the same Google ecosystem, Google My Business is closely integrated with Google Maps. Whenever tourists or locals use Google Maps to navigate their surroundings, your business will show up on the map. The same goes whenever someone searches for a “bakery”, for example, and wants to see all available bakeries nearby. Creating a presence on Google Maps is seamless once you’ve claimed your Google My Business page and it’s a net positive for your company.

5. Gather and Respond to Public Google Reviews

Google my Business Search Engine Optimization

Finally, people are fond of businesses with high ratings on Google My Business. Whenever someone searches for a business related to your niche, they’ll be presented with several stores with their star ratings. These ratings are an amalgamation of different reviews left by people who’ve interacted with your business previously. You should do your best to cultivate positive experiences with your leads to encourage them to leave good reviews on Google. You can then respond to these reviews to further boost your SEO visibility and signal how proactive and communicative you are. This can snowball into other customers and clients pitching in with even more reviews, helping your SEO.

Keeping your Google My Business Updated

Once you’ve set up your Google My Business and experience new traffic because of it, keep it updated. Whenever you change your working hours, add new products to your portfolio, or move addresses – write new content and update it. According to Google itself, 60% of mobile users contacted businesses directly via Google My Business phone number. You don’t want to misinform potential leads due to carelessness and neglect of your brand’s SEO.

People who search for your business locally will want as much information on it as possible before visiting your premises. Relying on outdated information to promote your brand on Google is a poor decision, especially for your SEO search ranking.

Guest Writer:

Jessica Fender is a guest writer for Carmella Marketing and has been featured on Forbes,  AMA BostonHR Exchange Network 

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