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The Impact of Product Photography on E-Commerce Success

Boost Your E-Commerce Sales with Compelling Product Photography

Product images in the realm of e-commerce are crucial to the success of a transaction. High-quality and informative product images are essential in assisting clients in making purchase decisions because online buyers are unable to physically touch or research a product before purchasing. We’ll discuss the value of product photography in e-commerce success in this post and offer advice on how to use excellent product photographs to boost conversions.

The Role of Product Photography in E-Commerce

You probably know the expression “a picture is worth a thousand words”. But when it comes to digital marketing, it’s even more valuable. Having great photographs of your product—especially for e-commerce purposes—is essential. Brands need high quality, high-resolution images of the goods they sell to convince consumers that they’re worth investing in. 

The right approach to product photography can mean the difference between whether a consumer chooses to hit the buy button or bounce off the page. And with 63% of consumers stating that good images are more important than product descriptions, product photography could not be more crucial or more relevant to the emerging online brands of today. 

But how do you measure the true value and purpose of product photography in the constantly evolving landscape of global e-commerce today? Read the rest of this post to find out. 

Why Is Product Photography In E-Commerce So Important?

Product photography is a form of visual marketing that aims to highlight all the best parts of a product and showcase it in the most desirable light possible. It’s one of the first things a consumer will look at when deciding whether or not to buy a product. 

Bearing this in mind, great product photography is one of e-commerce’s most powerful tools for reeling in new customers and upping those sales and conversion rates. 

Let’s go through seven measurable ways that high-quality product photography helps promote e-commerce brands today. 

1. Great first impression as a brand

Product photography is all about making a grand first impression. People will look at a photo of a product before reading its description or finding out how much it costs, so it needs to leave a lasting, positive impression on their minds. 

Great product photography should make the consumer want to reach out and grab the product you are selling. This helps develop better brand association and motivates a sale to take place.

2. Increases conversion rate

A great image can convince a consumer to go from browse mode to buy mode. In fact, the right product photograph can increase conversions by 30%. Keeping conversion rates high is essential for all types of e-commerce platforms, regardless of size or scale—and product photography is one of the most effective ways to maintain them at a consistent pace. 

3. Better appeal to mobile audiences

Mobile consumer activity is reaching new heights every year, and e-commerce platforms are tasked with finding fresh ways to keep up with it. 

Consumers who browse for products online are looking for images before anything else. So, focusing on product photography is one of the best ways to attract this growing audience of smartphone shoppers. 

If your e-commerce platform can appeal to mobile audiences, it has a much higher chance of seeing better sales and conversion rates.

Product photo dandy wine spritzer by Tyler Nix

4. Creates visual consistency across different channels

Consistent brand image is really important for e-commerce platforms. It helps people develop more trust in the brands they follow, making it easier for them to be swayed into making purchases. 

Product photography gives e-commerce brands an opportunity to exercise visual consistency, which makes it easier for consumers to recognize brands at a faster pace. Consumers are far more likely to buy from brands they are familiar with, making consistency one of the most important attributes for a contemporary e-commerce brand to have. 

5. High-quality image = high-quality product

When people see a high-quality image, it heightens their perception of the product and improves their chances of wanting to buy it. Whether it’s right or wrong, humans have superficial tendencies, and product photography is one very effective way to appeal to them.

In order to convince a consumer to buy your product, you have to provide the promise of quality. And great photography contributes to a brighter, clearer, and more enticing association with the product. High-quality imagery breeds high quality impressions. 

6. Amplifies engagement rate on social media

Shareable content is successful content. By putting more effort into product photography, your e-commerce brand can see higher engagement levels across social media. That means more shares, follows, comments, likes, and traffic running through both social media platforms and your website.

eye catching product photography of ginger beer by Mae Mu

Ways To Enhance Product Photography For E-Commerce

A great photo on its own is not always enough to prompt a consumer to buy your product. But by employing certain techniques and strategies, you can enhance your chance of success. 

  • Use 360-degree views – Just because consumers shop online doesn’t mean they don’t want an immersive product experience. A 360-degree view of each product gives consumers a more well-rounded perspective of the item, thus increasing their chance of buying it.
  • Add product videos – Similar to 360-degree view, product videos add an extra dimension to the product viewing experience. They also perform very well on social media.
  • Know your audience well – Different people like different things. Use what you know about your audience to inform creative decisions about how to curate product photography campaigns in a results-driven way.
  • Keep your backgrounds simple – With a minimalistic background, your products will stand out more. Don’t use chaotic or colorful backdrops behind your products. Rather, stick to plain white or a simple color to help them pop. 

These are just some of the ways to elevate your product photography strategy. It’s also important to use high-quality tools and equipment, be consistent in the visual appeal of each shot, and tie in the look and feel of your photos with the overall attitude of your brand. 

Great Product Photographs Lead To More Conversions

65% of all people are visual learners. This means that 65% of consumers are, too. By making high-quality product photography a priority when developing your e-commerce marketing campaigns, you can ensure that the people who consume your content are drawn in within the first second. 

You don’t want to skimp on resolution or design when it comes to product photography for e-commerce. Hire the best photographer your budget allows for to get the job done. 

With excellent product photography, your e-commerce brand can see higher sales and conversion rates, improved brand awareness, and a much higher overall engagement rate on social media. 

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