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Marketing Sponsorship Program

At Carmella, we believe that the strength of a community lies in the success of its small businesses. We understand the challenges that entrepreneurs and small business owners face when it comes to marketing and growth, and we are committed to making a difference. That’s why we are thrilled to introduce the Carmella Sponsorship Program.

Our Mission and Commitment

Our mission is simple yet powerful: to transform communities.

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Are you a small business owner with a vision for your community?




Our mission is simple yet powerful: to transform communities. We firmly believe that when small businesses thrive, they have a positive ripple effect on the entire community. By providing marketing support and expertise to businesses, we aim to ignite their growth and enrich communities in the process through the Carmella Sponsorship Program. 


How the Program Works

The Carmella Sponsorship Program is designed to make a real impact. Here’s how it works:

Project Submission

Small businesses, nonprofits, and entrepreneurs are invited to submit marketing projects for the Carmella Community Marketing Sponsorship Program. Projects, including branding, digital marketing, and website development, are eligible for sponsorship. Carmella offers funding of up to $10,000. All applications are welcome and will be carefully considered.

Selection Process

Our dedicated team reviews all submissions carefully. We look for businesses with inspiring stories, strong potential, and a genuine commitment to their communities.

Project Sponsorship

After careful consideration, we select one project to sponsor each quarter (4 per year). The chosen business will receive their project, entirely free of charge.


We work closely with the sponsored business to develop and execute a tailored plan to achieve the project goals and outcomes.

Community Impact

As the sponsored business grows and thrives, it contributes positively to the local community. We believe that their success can inspire others and create a domino effect of growth and opportunity.


Our Unwavering


At Carmella, our commitment to the Carmella Sponsorship Program is unwavering. We are dedicated to:

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Are you a small business owner with a vision for your community? We invite you to submit your project to the Carmella Sponsorship Program.