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Bounce Rate

A Leg Up Against The Competition

Carmella has a successful and experienced advertising team that has led clients to achieve a 10:1 ROI. We have extensive experience with lead generation campaigns, search network campaigns, display network campaigns, and engagement campaigns. We have experience with various stakeholder groups such as destination marketing organizations, sports organizations, town and city personal / planning departments and can help you navigate the waters to create and launch an effective advertising campaign.


Conversion Rate Optimization

By implementing personalization into your marketing efforts, our team will use analytics and user feedback to improve the performance of your website, acquire new customers, registrations, downloads, and sales. CRO will increase the percentage of website visitors who enjoy the experience your website provides, who find the information aligned with their needs or interests, and will move them into the funnel thus converting them into a lead. In other words, our team will really dial in on your target audience and use the collected data to give your site users what they are looking for.

See a Higher ROI From Your Marketing Spend

Businesses are paying for traffic to their site in one way or another, and it is easier to convert leads you have already attracted. In addition to improving your ROI, our team will use optimization to defend against high bounce rates as a result of the limited attention span of your site visitors, by offering them what they are looking for sooner than later.

Get More Conversions Through Your Website

Getting the most out of your website means really dialling in on your target audience and using data that you have collected and giving your site users what they are looking for. This can take many different forms and will all be based on the KPI you’re trying to improve. Our team will do an in-depth comb over of your site, and will remove or relocate complicated and/or time-consuming steps from your conversion funnel, removing any friction that is preventing conversions from happening.