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We are a diverse group of thinkers, dot connectors, strategists, and creatives. We are here to create effective strategies, memorable brands and incredible marketing. Our wide range of in-house skills follows strategic problem-solving processes to ensure top-notch creative and technical execution that deliver instant impact and lasting results.

Carmella has been amazing to work with! Their knowledge, attention to detail and willingness to really understand your vision is incredible. We're lucky to have this amazing team right here in the Bow Valley

Allyson Foskett

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Climb towards your goals.

Don’t skip it. This is how we align you, your customers and your investors.  We’ll figure out who you’re talking to, the best ways to reach them and how you’ll know when your message is turning heads.

Carmella offers different strategic plans that your business can use to organize, execute and track your brand and marketing efforts. Each Carmella Tool is a high-level view of the different marketing strategies your business can leverage to meet your business objectives.


Let the creative juices flow.

Building your brand and driving conversion with a digitally-led approach to your creative design. Our creative team is pleased to offer services to help you generate a clear, concise and authentic brand that appeals to your target audience.

carmella digital marketing strategy


Rock the competition!

Storytelling and emotional connections; this is where it happens! We create content that breaks through, gets noticed, and makes people fall in love with your brand and also aligns with their values and beliefs. We collaborate with you to get your brand story told, and sold.


Full Services


Providing you with the proper tools to ensure you are getting the highest results based on your digital marketing efforts.

Great work begins with great insights. The why’s, the hows, and the what’s affecting and influencing your industry and your audience. From research to positioning to messaging and media — as competition gets louder, an innovative strategy is critical to getting your brand seen and heard through the noise.

We work with you to turn information into insights to inspire campaigns that get noticed, and get results.

The beauty of digital marketing is that you don’t have to wait long to figure out what’s working best. We give clients the tools that let them keep a close eye on their operations to ensure increased traffic, better leads and greater customer retention.

Regular digital marketing audits are important for every business to understand how their digital marketing efforts are performing, where improvements can be made, and what is working in their favour. 

Outlining your social media goals, tactics and key measurement metrics.

Manage and plan your social media content with a handy content guide and calendar. 

Don’t skip it. This is how we align you, your customers and your investors around the values and feelings that will define your brand. We conduct interviews and surveys with your stakeholders and prospects to derive insight about customer sentiment and behaviour. From there we fashion a brand strategy that includes:

  • Brand Architecture
  • Customer Insights
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Employee Engagement
  • Launch Strategy

Need extra assistance? Carmella offers customized coaching sessions. These 60-minute sessions are tailored to give you the tools, knowledge and best practices to help you optimize your brand’s effort on the platform of your choice.

Personas are vital to the success of a product because they drive design decisions by taking common user needs and bringing them to the forefront of planning before design has actually started. Personas provide the team with a shared understanding of users in terms of goals and capabilities.

Running competitive analyses can help you spot opportunities to innovate, promote your business, enhance your products or services, and outshine your competition. With competitive analysis, you can discover where your business is doing well, where you need to improve, and which trends you need to get ahead of.


Our integrated design and development team will work with you to find, design and build the best solution for mobile and desktop to springboard your business in front of your competitors.

The price you pay for managed hosting is 100% worth it when compared to bottom-of-the-barrel shared hosting solutions! 

Upgrades, security, migrations, you name it – we’ll handle it. In the long run, this absolutely winds up saving you time, money, IT resources and so much more.

With our platform (powered by Google Cloud), you don’t share resources like you do on shared hosting. This means no-one’s site will interfere with your performance or security; it’s safe and sound!

We tune servers for optimal WordPress performance and configure all the caching, so you don’t have to worry about site speed!

We do our best to stay on top of the latest security vulnerabilities and reduce the possibility that your site will be compromised. Your site is backed up automatically every night. Catastrophe may never befall your site (every developer just laughed), but at the very least you might want to roll back at some point. Our backups run every night, are stored for 30 days, and can be restored at any time.

When you call us, you’ll get a real-live human on the other end, rather than dealing with a robot! And if you have any technical questions, we will find the answer.

When we say SEO, we mean the process of improving your website to increase its visibility for relevant search queries. SEO is an important part of your website’s search engine ranking, and is a key method to acquiring quality website traffic.

At Carmella we offer a variety of SEO packages to suit your website needs.

SEO Audit

$2,760.00 / starting at
  • Carmella will evaluate how well your website is optimized for search engines. This will allow our team to identify errors that can prevent your site from ranking well and opportunities that can help your website rank better. Our team will take a deep dive into your page crawlability, indexability, load times, link strategy, keywords, SERP position, competitors, schema, first contentful paint and much more.

SEO Strategy

$5,750.00 / starting at
  • Carmella will create a comprehensive SEO strategy and action plan designed to help improve your website’s ranking and increase organic search traffic. We will align the SEO strategy with your business goals to deliver you results by taking a look at your competitors, following SEO best practices, thus creating a strategy that is fit for your business.


$750.00 / monthly
  • Competitive Ecosystem
  • SEO Audits and Edits
  • 100+ potential backlink opportunities
  • GA4 Integration and Reporting
  • Google My Business Posts
  • Organic SEO Development
  • Organic SEO Monthly Rank Tracking
  • Website Content Updates
  • Image Title Tags and Alt Text
  • On Page SEO (Meta, H1, Keywords)
  • Monthly Reports


$1,450.00 / monthly
  • Base Camp Package +
  • Bi-Weekly Reports
  • Off Page SEO Link Building & Outreach
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Optimized Blog Creation
  • Heuristic UX
  • Heat Mapping


$2,600.00 / monthly
  • Alpine Package +
  • Weekly Reports
  • Website Speed and Performance
  • Image Compression
  • Customer Recordings (Hotjar)
  • New Website Design
  • Advanced Off Page SEO
  • Technical SEO

Our Website Design process begins with research and strategy of a digital experience that is aligned with your organizational goals. Our design team will take you through user flows, information design, and visual design to help you achieve an intuitive, beautiful user experience that drives engagement, leads, sales, and subscriptions.

What We Build: 

WordPress custom coded sites for complete

WordPress using Elementor for easy hand over.

Ecommerce: WooCommerce, Shopify, Lightspeed 

Google Analytics gives you the tools you need to better understand your customers. You can then use those business insights and to take action. Get a complete understanding of your customers across devices and platforms. Google Analytics gives you the tools, understand the customer journey and improve your marketing ROI.

Improve your performance on Google Search
Search Console tools and reports help you measure your site’s Search traffic and performance, fix issues, and make your site shine in Google Search results. Submit sitemaps and individual URLs for crawling. Review your index coverage to make sure that Google has the freshest view of your site. See which queries bring users to your site. Analyze your site’s impressions, clicks, and position on Google Search.

Before us just handing over your website we put together an excellent off-boarding packet and offer any training that may be required.  


Custom photography and videography sets your advertising, website and social media apart from the rest. It is an essential piece in your marketing strategy.

At Carmella, we are able to offer a comprehensive media package tailored to your needs as a brand. Both photos are a valuable, powerful way to tell your brand’s story, to showcase your product or service, and to engage with your target audience.

Drive Results & Get a Return on Your Investment with World-Class Professional Video!

We do concept to completion, so that we’re tracking with you from start to finish. We do brand, product, and documentary-style videos to tell your best story the best way. 

Increase your social media footprint with reels. Reels can provide you with an opportunity to interact with both your existing and potential customer. Leveraging social media also allows for invaluable competitor research, which is a necessity when it comes to staying relevant and successful in the business world. 

See packages and pricing 


Building your brand through design and professional services from start to finish.

Today’s brands must blend powerful storytelling with a creative use of technology to engage customers and drive behaviour that ultimately helps to achieve business objectives. We use design to improve your image, help you shift to digital services, create customer engagement and bring your products to life.

  • Logo Deign
  • Branding & Style Guide
  • Brand Development

Creation of high-quality, eye-catching marketing materials. These services can provide you with custom-made logos, flyers, brochures, postcards, and other visual marketing materials to help you stand out from the competition and get their message across. 

What we can do for you: 

Business Cards

Branded Content





Print design services are especially beneficial if you want to create a unique design that is sure to make an impact. Our professional designers can use their expertise to create custom designs that match the needs of the business. 

What we can do for you: 


Newspaper and Magazine

Book and eBook Design 

Digital design services are essential for businesses that want to create an effective digital presence. Digital design services are also important for businesses that need to create a cohesive digital marketing strategy. Designers are able to create visuals, copy, and other digital assets that help businesses reach their target audience and build brand awareness.

What we can do for you: 

Banner Ads

Ad Sets

Email Marketing Newsletters



Product Mockup

Animated graphics services are an effective way to bring life to your content, making it more engaging and visually appealing. Animated graphics are used in a variety of areas, including web design, video production, digital marketing, and more. By using animation, businesses can create engaging visuals that draw attention and create an emotional connection with their audience.

Our approach to design is focused on scalability and effectiveness. We strive to create designs that resonate with the target audience, while also taking into account the future growth of the business. We understand the importance of experience and the need for flair, so we add thewow factor to the design to make it stand out. With our approach, you can be sure that your design will remain effective and relevant as your business evolves.

Digital Marketing

From following industry trends to monitoring your competition, our team has all the know-how your business needs to knock your marketing out of the park.

Our campaign strategies are results driven. We will design and execute effective marketing campaigns that will increase your visibility and make sure the right people are finding your business. Our team will ensure your digital marketing strategy is professionally curated, on-brand, and receive quality audience engagement.

In order to extend the reach of your messaging further than your email lists and social media followers, we will employ sophisticated paid advertising techniques to distribute your content to your target audience via paid search, paid social media, sponsored content, and display advertising.

Our team lives and breathes everything digital, and the vast skillsets of each team member collectively make up one genious marketing machine. From following industry trends to monitoring your competition, our team has all the know-how your business needs to knock your marketing out of the park.

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach out to a large audience. It is a great way to engage and build relationships with customers, prospects, and partners. A good email marketing service will enable businesses to create relevant and personalized messages that target their customers and prospects. It also allows businesses to track, analyze, and optimize campaigns for greater success.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a business strategy that focuses on customer satisfaction and loyalty through providing excellent customer service. It involves the use of technology to manage customer data and interactions, including sales, marketing and customer service. As a result, it helps businesses to improve their relationships with customers, increase customer retention, and generate more revenue.

An increase in a social media footprint can provide you with an opportunity to interact with both your existing and potential customer. Leveraging social media also allows for invaluable competitor research, which is a necessity when it comes to staying relevant and successful in the business world. 

At Carmella, we recognize that every brand’s needs are different. Whether your business is just starting out in the digital space, or already has a dedicated following of engaged users, we have a  package tailored to suit your needs and drive results. 


Carmella provides on-brand, powerful, creative copywriting services. We will ensure the tone and voice is on-brand. Every piece of content that is generated by Carmella must pass the Carmella Litmus Test. 

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