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What is an influencer?

Let’s start by understanding what an influencer is and what distinguishes them from macro- or micro-influencers. What is an influencer? Influencers are social media users who have established credibility in a particular industry through their expertise and transparency. They possess the power to influence your ideal target audience to recognize and purchase the value of your product, brand, or service.

Micro-Influencers VS Macro-Influencers

Having established what an influencer is, what is the difference between a micro and a macro-influencer? A macro-influencer has a follower count ranging between 10,000 to 1 million followers, and micro-influencers have between 500 to 10,000 followers. Aside from follower count, how do they differentiate?


  • Due to the fact that micro-influencers don’t typically have large budgets and resources in comparison to macro-influencers, they have a genuine connection with their followers – causing their followers to trust their opinion more than macro-influencers. 
  • Micro-influencers cost a lot less than macro-influencers due to their size – this, however, does not correlate to results. Micro-influencers get 47% more engagement on their posts compared to macro-influencers. 
  • Most commonly used by businesses looking to achieve direct purchases or leads. 
  • A great way to curate media assets (photo or video) for your business at a low cost.


  • In many cases, macro-influencers have other titles such as celebrity, TV personality, athlete, etc. Due to this reason, they are associated with a higher cost. 
  • As the name suggests, macro-influencers have a lot of followers, which means they have a vast reach and higher impressions per post. 
  • Macro influencers are usually managed by managers or agencies who tend to be professional in their dealings – no direct relationship is built with macro-influencer. 
  • Unlike micro-influencers, they lack genuine relationships with their followers. After all, how can you build a strong relationship with every one of their million followers? 
  • Most commonly used by businesses looking to achieve brand awareness. 

How Can Influencers Benefit Your Business?

Working with or alongside an influencer for your business has many benefits, such as cost-effectiveness, targeting, result drives, and an increase in reach & engagement. Let’s break this down even further, shall we?


Unless it’s your bread and butter, the dreadful part of any campaign or business strategy is completing an in-depth target market analysis and market research, as it costs the business a lot of resources and time. Although some of us business professionals wish it could be skipped over, it is a critical part of any successful campaign to ensure it’s targeted and won’t be at risk of costing the business any resources. 

What if we told you that the hard part is done for you when working with an influencer. Yes, that’s right. Unless asked, each influencer withholds a summary outlining the profiles that follow and engage, on average, what a business can expect analytically and receive in collaboration and their pricing – cool, right! Due to this, 51% of marketers have even said that influencer marketing has helped them acquire better customers. 

Now, there is no need to spend resources on research to ensure your campaign will be successful when all the numbers are beautifully laid out. 


As you probably know, paid ads are limiting businesses to be less targeted with their ads, yet charging an arm in a leg per conversion, click and view. Adding to the ever-growing pile is that 42% of customers are using ad-blocking technology on their handheld devices and desktops. 

You guessed it, the most cost-effective way to get the same results you would with a paid ad is by working with micro or macro-influencers. Influencer Marketing Campaigns Earn $5.78 for Every Dollar Spent – can you believe it? 


There is someone out who is willing to give you what you need – did this just turn into a self-discovery blog about how to get out of a rut after your boyfriend just dumped you…? No, keep up. This is a blog about how your business can benefit from collaborating with influencers! 

An increase in brand awareness, engagement, and impressions are among the few your business can see when working with an influencer. Let’s say that your new product has just gone live on your website; hurray! But then the sound of crickets begins to fill your ears when nobody makes a purchase; boo. The best fix would be to collaborate with an influencer; as previously discussed, micro-influencers get 47% more engagement on their sponsored posts.

What's next?

Consider collaborating with an influencer next time you’re thinking of promoting your product and/or service to the public via paid ads on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, or any other social media platform. 

Not sure where to begin? Let’s connect; at Carmella, we have many influencers on the roster waiting to collaborate with you today. 

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