2021 Canadian SME Small Business of The Year

Who we are.

Creative Thinkers, Innovators and Problem Solvers.

Carmella Marketing is not your ordinary marketing agency. We’re a team of mountain-loving adventurers and creative thinkers who are passionate about driving big results and exceptional value for our clients. Based in the stunning town of Canmore, Alberta, our vision is not just about creating better marketing and sales for our clients. We’re here to make a real impact on the growth and sustainability of the communities we work with. 

Carmella Marketing is an award-winning, nationally certified woman-led marketing agency with a high-energy culture of creativity. Carmella is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment, and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer.

Our strategies are results-driven; our approach to digital marketing is always evolving with the market and consistently provides our clients with the best results and an impressive ROI. Dreams don’t come true without hard work and determination, so let’s get to work! 

Boost Conversions
Uplift Performance
Create Constant Presence
Emotional Connections
Upsurge Revenue

This is how we align you, your customers and your investors.  We’ll figure out who you’re talking to, the best ways to reach them and how you’ll know when your message is turning heads.

Carmella offers different strategic plans that your business can use to organize, execute and track your brand and marketing efforts. Each Carmella Tool is a high-level view of the different marketing strategies your business can leverage to meet your business objectives.

Building your brand and driving conversion with a digitally-led approach to your creative design. Our creative team is pleased to offer services to help you generate a clear, concise and authentic brand that appeals to your target audience.

Our Capabilities: 


Storytelling and emotional connections; this is where it happens! We create content that breaks through, gets noticed, and makes people fall in love with your brand and also aligns with their values and beliefs. We collaborate with you to get your brand story told, and sold.

Our capabilities:


Our Values

Carmella points of culture.

Carmella Marketing‘s Points of Culture are a set of core values that guide all of our decisions and operations. We believe that our culture is the foundation of our success and that it should be celebrated and nurtured. We strive to create an open, collaborative and innovative environment focused on our customers and employees. We prioritize communication, respect, trust and diversity throughout our organization. We believe in creating a positive, supportive and safe work environment where everyone can thrive and reach their full potential. Our Points of Culture are the foundation of our success, and we are committed to creating a culture that is dedicated to our customers, employees and the community.

Carmella Marketing Points of Culture


Stephanie O'Brien

As a 2023 Founder of the Canadian Chamber of the Year, 2022 Coach of the Year, 2022 Woman of Inspiration, CEO of the 2022 Canadian Small Business of The Year and a Business of The Year winner, Steff’s commitment to excellence is unprecedented.

Entrepreneurial heart, Steff always looks for opportunities to collaborate and elevate the status quo. With 17 years in business, two degrees, a strategic planning certificate, and thirteen years focused purely on strategic alignment in sales, marketing and business development; you complex business challenges are her jam.

A magnetic presence who leads from the fonts lines, Stephanie is an accomplished keynote speaker, facilitator, CEO, business owner, vent organizer, influencer, community ambassador, and investor.


Alison McPhail

Alison, also known as "Alie" is the Carmella Crew's fearless leader. Alie grew up in a small town in Ontario and attended the University of Ottawa. She has lived in the Bow Valley for 8 years. Her love for travel and adventure took her around the world before she settled in beautiful Canmore. Alie is happiest when she’s outdoors exploring the mountains, hiking or doing yoga! Alie lives in Canmore with her partner and their two fur babies, Zulu and Rizza.

Jackie LaRouche

Jackie is an adventurous small-town girl from Granton, Ontario. Another Ontarian convinced that the mountain life is the one for her, Jackie now calls Canmore home where she lives with her partner and their two fur-babies. Jackie initially began her post secondary education in Psychology; but quickly realized her passion for photography and visual arts would be put to better use in Marketing.  Jackie loves taking advantage of nature’s playground and enjoys mountain biking, hiking, trail running, and competing in free-ride snowboarding. 

Reagan Melnychyn

Reagan Melnychyn is not just a business development professional; she's a dynamic individual who brings sunshine and a love for the outdoors to every aspect of her life. With Reagan on board, expect not only business growth but also a refreshing perspective that transforms the corporate landscape into a thriving and joyful community.

Emily Yungblut

Meet Emily Yungblut, the powerhouse in sales who transforms challenges into triumphs. Her dynamic approach and unparalleled sales acumen make her an unstoppable force in the business world. Beyond the office, Emily is a crazy runner, conquering mountains with tenacity, embodying the same determination that fuels her professional success.

Hayley Moore

Hayley is an adventurous spirit! After graduating from Ryerson’s School of Interior Design, she took off to see the world! What was going to be a year in Europe, quickly snowballed into four years around the world! Continuing on her adventures, Hayley decided to move to the Bow Valley. With her love for skiing and snowboarding, the valley took hold and she decided to stay! Hayley brings her artistic values and adventures spirit to the social media world and is always excited for that the future holds.

Alanna Day

Alanna is always looking for her next adventure. Born and raised in Toronto, her curiosity and love for travel found her gaining international experience in Switzerland, London and New York before landing in Canmore. Combining her love for writing with her creative flair, Alanna studied English and History in university and went on to study Graphic Design to learn a new skill set during COVID. When Alanna is away from her desk, you can find her hitting the slopes in winter, the links in the summer or curled up by the fire with a cookbook.


Carmella’s origin story didn’t begin with Carmella or with a vision of a business or a greater mission to change social media marketing as it’s known today. 

Carmella Marketing began as a ‘nameless company’, 1354823 Alberta LTD…

The name was founded with the birth of Stephanie’s two daughters, Carmen and Bella. In the first year Carmella had four clients, and Stephanie built the business model with Bella (her second daughter) in her lap at the same time as her laptop. It dawned on Stephanie that the name for the budding business should be something memorable. Something which holds a lot of meaning. Thus the name Carmella.

Stephanie’s good friend, Lynne Risk owner of Risk Creative said: “I have an idea for the Carmella logo”, and so the Carmella Marketing logo was born. The logo uses lots of colours to help us stand out, to signify our diversity and many accolades, and it also features mountains because we are in the heart of the Canadian Rockies; but only two mountains for two sisters; Carmen and Bella.

Our new animated logo shows the mountains growing from the earth. That signifies that our company has grown and is becoming the future version of itself. It’s still outdoorsy and so are our clients. Our website was built in 2016 by Lynne Risk and still stands strong today… with a few tweaks!

Though Carmella Marketing had humble beginnings with just two, the crew has quickly grown into a team of eight…

Stephanie’s focus is creating a culture of people who enjoy each others’ company, who have the flexibility to excel and determine their own schedules, and who do excellent work while continuing to learn and grow. We work hard at Carmella. Winning is one of our USP’s and we do it every day for our clients. Day in and day out, we innovate, we create, and we look for ways to disrupt the old way of doing things in favour of success. 

Social media and digital marketing are ever-evolving, and in an agency eat agency world, Carmella must continually evolve and grow to accommodate the changes in the digital landscape. A rising tide floats all boats. Carmella is an award-winning, full-service marketing agency and we got here one step, one caring person, and one helpful hand at a time. “I give all the credit to my staff, to those who believed in me, and to those of you who gave Carmella a chance,” says Stephanie. 

The future of Carmella Marketing is a sustainable, innovative, forward-thinking agency of keeners who want to push boundaries and win awards for our clients. Doesn’t that sound like a team you want on your side?

We think so. 

I'm wondering why I never contacted these guys sooner! Seriously, they all have commendable talent in their respective fields and knocked my concept out of the ballpark. Thanks for the amazing experience!!