Metafor Case Study

Carmella's Strategic Partnership with METAFOR


METAFOR initially engaged Carmella in an executive coaching capacity. Over the last 18 months, Steff from Carmella has been working closely with the METAFOR team as a business coach, providing valuable insights and strategies.

Executive Leadership Team (BD, Sales and Marketing Lead)

Recognizing Steff’s expertise, METAFOR invited her to join their executive leadership team on a part-time contract in November. Her role has been supporting marketing, business development, sales oversight, process development, and coaching various members of the leadership. Additionally, Steff has played a crucial role in METAFOR’s dashboard and data management/analytics efforts. Serving in a fractional C-suite capacity, she has made significant contributions to organizational growth and efficiency.


DISC Workshops and Change Leadership Training

Steff’s impact extended beyond her executive functions; she facilitated DISC assessments and training for the entire METAFOR office. This initiative has been instrumental in improving team dynamics, communication, change management, change leadership, and overall performance. Steff is also collaborating on METAFOR’s People & Culture (P&C) initiatives, further enhancing organizational development.

Comprehensive Marketing Support

In addition to the executive coaching and DISC training, METAFOR has onboarded Carmella for extensive marketing support. This partnership includes:

– Marketing training


– Videography

– Social media management

– Proposal support

– Presentation development

‘In an ever-changing world with technology and digital marketing, our business expertise is in design of buildings not how to share our expertise with the industry. Carmella’s expertise allows us to focus on what we are great at, and be able to effectively share the great work we do with everyone inside and outside of the firm’

– David Leonard, Principal METAFOR.

Carmella supports my desire to create strategic plans that align with our core values of being PURPOSEFUL. They guide our marketing efforts and are not only effective but have a documented process.

‘(Steff) Carmella provides not only guidance but also consulting to help speed up the process. For example reviewing marketing collateral (brochures, proposals, social media content) and marketing strategies (marketing plans, goal setting). Learning from a marketing firm has also elevated the quality of METAFOR’s marketing materials. This ensures that METAFOR’s brand is elevated and consistent across all platforms.’

– BA, Graphic Designer, METAFOR. 

Carmella’s team has been a tremendous asset, providing relief from the pressures of METAFOR’s marketing needs as a result of their growth between 2022 and 2024. METAFOR has increased both the revenue and team size by over 50%.

‘During our growth stage of the business, which originated in 2022 and further picked up speed going into Fall of 2023, strategic planning for unknown variables related to rapid, but organic, growth we have observed has been critical to make sure the owners and leaders of METAFOR can ‘see the forest through the trees’ and plot a course to continue to be successful now, and in the future’.  

– David Leonard, Principal METAFOR.


The collaboration with Carmella has exceeded METAFOR’s expectations. The positive impact on their marketing capabilities, brand presence, and overall business processes has been remarkable. The results speak for themselves. 


The partnership between METAFOR and Carmella exemplifies the power of effective collaboration and strategic support. Steff’s role as a fractional C-suite executive, combined with Carmella’s comprehensive marketing services has allowed METAFOR to receive timely support where they need it the most. The scope is flexible based on METAFOR’s needs.


Carmella combines the strategic prowess of a consultancy with the agility and creativity of a dynamic sales and marketing firm. We seamlessly integrate the role of a consultant and an implementer, offering both strategic advisory and high-level planning along with hands-on, tactical execution. This unique blend ensures that our clients not only receive expert guidance but also see their strategies brought to life effectively and efficiently, solving the problem of fragmented and disjointed efforts in the world.

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