The holiday season is an important time of year for a lot of businesses, especially retailers, accounting for up to 20% of annual sales. It is also the most competitive time of year for businesses. Hence, why getting a head start on your competitors is so important. In this article, we want to stress the importance of utilizing your businesses’ social media channels. Think of your multiple social media channels as your little elves this holiday season. Make them work hard for you, leading up to Christmas.

Globally 40% of shoppers agrees that, when it comes to holiday shopping, their mobile device allows them to make a more informed purchase decision. This makes for the perfect opportunity to expose your business through targeted ads, boosted Facebook posts and attractive content for consumers to be drawn to.

FYI: Christmas is not just the month of December, folks. Holiday shopping is starting earlier and earlier each year. 47% of consumers start thinking about holiday gifts before November 6.

Holiday checklist for your businesses’ social media account:


Identify key audience segments:

Determine who you want to reach during the holidays, and how you want to connect with them. For example, you may want to set up different campaigns for potential customers versus current customers or category purchasers. With this segmentation, you can tailor your ad campaigns, creative and messages to what resonates with them.

Determine what specifically you are ‘selling’:

You’ve chosen your audience, what do you want to target them with? Is it a product? An experience? Or are you just trying to get them in your store? Make sure you are choosing the right ‘what’ to accompany your ‘who’.

Choose the social media platforms:

You will use to reach your target audience. First you will have to determine what channels your target audience use the most. This is where you want to spend the most time and money.

Learn how to use targeted ads, boost certain posts etc.



Contact Carmella Consulting if you are stuck and need your ‘elves’ to work a little harder this Holiday Season, we can help!

Your CarmellaCrew XO

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