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Optimize your Social Media this Holiday Season 2.0

Hopefully you read our 1st Optimize Your Social Media Blog last week, and if you didn’t- it’s still posted, and ready for you! This week, we’ve put together a list of helpful things to be aware of when posting on your business’ social media, leading up to Christmas. This is an extremely competitive time of year for business and we want YOU to get noticed. Follow these social media ‘tips and tricks’, and we promise you will see results! 

Tips and Tricks to help your business’ social media succeed this holiday season: 

1.     Drive that Local Cheer. The holiday experience is different in every city/town, customize your social media to YOUR location. Example: Carmella Consulting is located in Canmore, Alberta in the Rocky Mountains. We would recommend customizing those holiday posts with pictures of the first snow fall, the ski resorts opening and ‘shop local’ (rather than heading into Calgary). 

2.     Engage your audience and exploit your business with user-generated content. Relate to your audience, share their posts, run a social media contest. Engage your audience by creating highly relatable, emotional, human-interest content that will tug at people’s heartstrings, draw them in, evoke sentiment, or make them laugh. You want your audience to see a post and think, “Hey, that’s me, too!”

3.     Use visually compelling images, videos or animated Gifs to grab the audiences’ attention.  Consider promo-slidely videos, Facebook Carousel or Canvas ads to create an immersive experience with your brand and showcase your products.

4.     Add a store locator to help customers find you (you can also add a call to action to get directions, call, or send a message to help with this). Give them a further reason to visit with a limited time offer 

5.     Don’t limit your advertising to one social media channel. Instead, create content on the various channels for your audience, each with native content focused exclusively to that channel. Your Facebook, Instagram posts and Tweets should drive the same idea, but the content should be customized to resonate best with each channel’s unique community.

6.     Share your Brand’s Story. Use the heart-felt Holiday Season as a time for your fans to get to know your business and the people behind the scenes.  

7.     Create Facebook offers. Facebook enables you to create an online or in-store offer to share on your business page. Facebook offers are an easy way to share special bundles, discounts and incentives with your audience all year long. However, it’s even more relevant during the Holidays.

AND don’t forget about the post-holiday season!

65% of shoppers plan to keep shopping after Christmas. According to Facebook data, shopping does not subside after the holidays. Many customers will continue to shop well into January. Use this time of year to entice them with post-holiday sales and convert them to loyal customers with new demand generation and cross-sell opportunities. 


-Your CarmellaCrew 

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