Hop To It: Holiday Campaign Ideas To Elevate Your Brand

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The Easter long-weekend is quickly approaching and while many people are planning their extra day of relaxation this is the perfect opportunity to try out some marketing and campaign ideas!

Focusing your marketing on a particular time of year or holiday (see: the seemingly endless Christmas marketing campaigns) isn’t a new concept. But in the social media world, it creates a unique opportunity for you to present your brand as relevant and connected.

There’s something about being light, fun and festive that helps customers to see more authenticity in a brand. Campaigns, any time of year, are great for building and maintaining those connections.

Here are four ways you can “hop to it” this Easter (or leading up to any holiday, really):

1. Seasonal Cover Photos

Begin your campaign by changing the banner photo on your Twitter, Facebook or Google+ page to something holiday-inspired keeps it relatable. By finding something playful around Easter, you can have fun with your brand or show off your team (cue trip to the dollar store for bunny ears….).


2. Host a Virtual Scavenger Hunt


Finding hidden Easter eggs is a fun adventure at any age! (What?! You know I’m right!) Hide your “Easter eggs” in your social media posts and host a competition to find them. These little digital gems – hidden throughout your posts will be a fun way for your customers to view your content. Offering a prize for finding all of the eggs and gives your customers incentive to regularly check your posts over the Easter period. It also helps you create fluidity throughout your social accounts and encourages clients to follow you on all platforms.

3. Run a Caption Competition


Another fun and simple-to-implement competition is to ask your customers to caption a picture you’ve posted; giving the best ones a prize or discount code. This one is an easy fit all year round. Have a great picture? Great! Use the hashtag #CaptionThis for fantastic engagement-motivation.


4. “Some Bunny” Selfies


Last, but certainly not least, get your customers in on the festivities by encouraging them to post a selfie of themselves with their Easter decorations, wearing bunny ears or enjoying all their holiday chocolate. Besides, everyone loves a good selfie.

Get creative!
Be adventurous!
And be sure to let us know how high your marketing/campaign hops got your brand!

-The Carmella Crew


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