The e-commerce industry is a thriving one with thousands of searching relating to the online business every month. But what lacks is the information on how to make a successful online e-commerce business. Sure, it’s always easy to apply the tried and tested marketing strategies physical stores have used for decades but the online space is vastly different.

Below are a few ideas on how you can boost online sales.

Track Customer Behaviour

One of the most important things to consider if you are keen on growing your e-commerce business would be to see how your customers are behaving in regards to your services and products. What’s great about online retail is you get a lot of data on how customers are behaving on and off your website, and it’s done in real-time which means you can immediately implement new strategies based on new customer information. If a service or a product that you offer is a hit among customers, it will immediately become apparent and so you can ramp up production and do the necessary preparation to make it more available to your customers.

Targeted Ads

Another time-tested marketing idea is to create target email templates based around data from your online store. A great example of this would be targeting visitors who purchased certain products from your store. You can send those emails on discounts and sales for certain items related to the one they purchased. Even if they just included the items into the cart and didn’t complete the transaction, you send them a quick reminder to complete the purchase and also include discounts to encourage them to complete the purchase.

Create a Customer List

Our new age of e-commerce has allowed business owners to fully automate the process of tracking all transactions with just a click of a button. E-commerce stores can compile a list of all their customers and categorize them accordingly. Creating targeted ads is now very easy. Email ads about promos and discounts can be sent out to the group of customers that frequent the site and regularly purchase products. Similarly, sales can be sent out to those who have included products into their cart but never proceeded to check out. This strategy may not work for everyone which is why it’s important to reach out to an experienced Digital Marketing Agency.

Utilize Social Media

In order for businesses to build trust among its users in a more comfortable setting, social media should not be discounted. It can be a great tool to convince more customers to purchase products or avail their services. But this can’t be done overnight. E-commerce sites first need to build up their social media following which can take time. The first step to do this would be to post quality content posted regularly. Business owners should spend a little time researching what customers want and need and incorporate it into their posts. They shouldn’t just chase the likes and comments for vanity’s sake. Real and authentic results should be prioritized.

Personalization in Real-Time

A lot of online customers, around 75%, get really annoyed when they see web content that is completely irrelevant to their interests. The spray-and-pray marketing strategies are far behind us and if online business owners want to gain and keep their customers, they must provide them with a personalized shopping experience that they are looking for. The more you promote those relevant offers the higher the chances that customers will buy them.

Mobile-Friendly Site

If you ask any digital marketing agency what is a sure way to increase growth and revenue for e-commerce businesses, almost all of them will tell you to make your website mobile-friendly. With more and more people shifting their internet access from computers into mobiles and tablets, there’s almost no reason to stick to convention. When asked, 60% of consumers have stated they are likely to leave a website when it isn’t mobile-friendly. A few things to consider in making a site more mobile-friendly include:

    – Make the site more responsive

    – It should load quickly

    – Improve on-site search

    – Make the checkout process simple

Include Live Chat

A live chat feature on a website might mean additional overhead cost since it will mean someone to man it constantly but it will greatly improve customer experience. Should any customer have questions or concerns, you can immediately address it in real-time thus increasing the conversion rate while also creating a great shopping experience for the customer.

The e-commerce world is a thriving one filled with many opportunities for growth and success. For online stores to reach their goals, the main takeaway is all about personalization. The old belief that it’s about reaching as many people as possible no longer holds true. What business owners need to focus on is reaching the right people who are more likely to respond to their brands.


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Evelyn Paulson –

Evelyn Paulson is a passionate blogger and frequent traveller who loves to write about digital marketing, SEO, social media marketing, and more. She is currently working with Arcane Marketing, one of the leading Digital Marketing Agency in and around Idaho.  


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