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Over the past little while, we had been toying with the idea of creating a different type of social contest, one that not only requires people to like a photo but to push them to get out and explore. In the end, we came up with the idea of creating a Social Scavenger Hunt, where clues would be on social channels and the prizes would be hidden around town, or even on top of a mountain!

After a few discussions, rather than doing this for one client we thought it could be a great way to bring our clients together to cross-promote each individual account, as well as showcasing the Canmore lifestyle. We chose only local businesses to participate, as the prizes would be hidden around Canmore, it was fundamental that the participating businesses aligned with the advertising of the Canmore lifestyle. 

In the end, we had six participating local businesses. Each business donated a unique prize that aligned with their brand and to Canmore. We decided to create three prize packs, an Unsurpassable Long Weekend Experience, The Ultimate Relaxation Experience, A Superior Stay and Play Prize Pack. Each prize pack was comprised of two donated prizes, that would be placed in different areas of the town, catered to varying levels of difficulty. Then we created different clues pertaining to each prize pack’s location that would be posted on the business accounts

The idea was for clues to be spread across all pages, that way the followers would have to go to each participating businesses page, bringing activity to all participating businesses equally. Followers would then find the clues that matched to the prize packs and head out around Canmore to find the prizes. 


The Contest Rules:

The participating businesses will drop a different clue on each of their Instagram feeds on Friday, August 2nd at 12:00pm. It’s up to you to put the clues together to find out where the prizes are hidden around Canmore! 

  1. Follow: every business participating in the scavenger hunt 
  2. Like: every businesses scavenger hunt photo 
  3. Tag: your scavenger hunt buddy on all 6 photos 
  4. Take a picture of your win and tag all the businesses

Leading up to the Event: 

Four days before the clues were to be posted, we created an announcement post and stories to gain attention that this event would be taking place over the long weekend. This way followers could see what businesses would be taking part, know the prizes that they would be able to win, and gives out of towners time to organize their weekend plans. 

We also created print posters and pamphlets that were handed out and placed around town. From those who we talked to, we received great feedback and that it looked like a fun activity that they were very interested in doing or “Oh wow really cool!” 

The Results: 


Finding the Prizes: 

Once the clues were dropped, it didn’t take long for the first prize to be found. When the family came to collect their prize they said that they were super excited for the clues to drop and had been waiting in the centre of town ready to go. This means that the work done leading up to the scavenger hunt had worked. 

The second and third prizes took until about the end of the day to be found. Here the participants were interacting a bit more over stories and social media to gain further clues, as the actual place of these prizes were a bit more difficult to find. 

This contest helped benefit all our clients, boosting impressions and followers. It allowed for the accounts that had a smaller following gain more impressions from the followers of the larger accounts. 


Everyone that took part in the Scavenger Hunt had great feedback and thought it was a wonderful idea and activity to take part in. There are however a few things that we would do differently next time to gain more social interaction and for the prizes not to be found as fast. Ideally, there would be clues both on social accounts and hidden throughout town. Participants would have to post photos and share stories, using the scavenger hunt hashtag, once they’ve discovered a new clue. Overall it was a great success. We already have partners wondering if they can be involved, should we host another event of this kind, and we absolutely cannot wait to host another bigger and better scavenger hunt!

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Do you want to create your own Social Media Scavenger Hunt, but have NO idea where to begin? Connect below to get started!

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