How to Measure SEO Performance

SEO measurement

How to Measure SEO Performance SEO, or search engine optimization, unites several strategies to improve the website’s position in search results. What can you do to improve SEO? The algorithm used by Google includes more than 200 ranking variables. Due to this, activities range from relatively straightforward ones to technically demanding tasks, including: optimizing pages […]

Google Business, Maps, and Search Update

Google Search Engine Optimization

Google My Business will be Replaced with Google Search and Google Maps in July 2022 The Google My Business (GMB) app is officially dead. But before you start writing a eulogy or panic that your business will disappear into the ether of the interweb- don’t worry you can still access your new Google Business account […]

Using LSI in SEO: How to Drive Sales With Latent Semantic Indexing

latent semantic indexing LSI SEO

If you are a business owner, you know how important efficient marketing is to make sales. Marketing strategies can be confusing, which is especially true if you are trying to manage business operations on your own. Understandably, not everyone has a grand budget to hire marketing companies, but doing things yourself does not have to […]

5 Simple and Effective Link Building Strategies in 2021

Link Building

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