Personalization is the New Connection

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Personalization is the New Connection

In today’s global situation people are craving connection. Everything is done from behind a screen…work, school, shopping. So what sets your business apart from the competition?

Pretty much everything is being personalized nowadays, and your customers are likely looking for personalization from you as well. Think about it – does it not feel wonderful when someone gives you personalized service over generalized service?

Personalization programs have been shown to yield 10-15 percent higher conversion rates and 20 percent higher customer satisfaction rates—and customer satisfaction is particularly important since businesses that increase their retention by a mere 5 percent see profit increase between 25 and 95 percent. That type of sustainable growth is also the cheaper option for you as a retailer, since it’s between 5 and 25 percent more expensive for you to get new customers than it is to retain current ones according to Shopify.

So, why not implement personalization into every element of your sales funnel? This literally could be the difference between making 1 sale and having a repeat customer.

While your first point of contact may be your marketing or word of mouth, research has shown that after the initial contact, your potential customers are heading online to check out your social media.

Social media is easy to personalize, but what’s funny is that you are likely to forget to personalize the content on your website. As humans, we are very specific in our tastes and wants, so as marketers, we should be using segmentation and personalization to our benefit – it’s a win-win.

Personalization at every point in the funnel is like having someone lay down a yellow-brick road directly to the ideal product you’ve been looking for.

While content segmentation is nothing new, the one thing we all forget about is the different types of decision makers that will enter the sales funnel. Our websites likely do a wonderful job at leading those potential customers to the sales funnel via targeted marketing, but then once they reach the funnel, everything falls flat. With e-commerce at an all time high globally websites are crucial for survival, and personalization throughout the funnel is what is going to set companies up for success.

The right approach to personalized marketing can reap remarkable benefits. All you need to do is to devise the correct strategies in order to gather the relevant data.
Once you have the information, you can use data-driven, personalized marketing campaigns to attract customers by stressing on their interests, purchase history, and browsing trends. With constant improvement and optimization, you can take your venture to the next level.

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